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Hammered Brass Coal Scuttle Bucket

Hammered Brass Coal Scuttle Bucket

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Meet another item in my consistently hunted for category. The coal scuttle bucket. Sounds decidedly unglamorous BUT look at him. And this is only one variation. I love these things because there is 0.0 use for them for their intended purpose in 2023 but myriad options to repurpose - just let him sit idly by your fireplace looking pretty, use him for firewood display/storage if you have a wood-burning fireplace, do the same if you have a gas fireplace to give the impression of the former.

The proof is in the pudding that I now sit gazing at this scuttle bucket sitting by my (faux) fireplace, considering not listing him, but alas here I am. Claim this darling gentleman for yourself!

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